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It shouldn't be a problem to achieve fast and accurate results within minutes. Not with today's innovative technology. We at DDS Calorimeters believe we can solve this problem with our innovative CAL3K range of oxygen bomb calorimeters. Solve your analytical needs, whether it be cost, accuracy, speed or advanced features, with an innovative system using the latest CAL3K technology.

We've made it possible to achieve an accurate calorific value determination within 4-8 minutes, without compromising on the accuracy and precision of your results. The CAL3K range makes use of an external air cooler to ensure the vessel temperature is cooled to the firing temperature in preparation for the next firing, and with multiple air coolers installed with your system, the process can run seamlessly with routine sample determinations.

Our systems are operated without the need for water - a completely waterless system. You won't be required to measure, or clean up spillage and leakage when operating the system. The calorimeter is ready to use without needing to fill it with water, reducing your sample preparation time, and it's just as accurate as a water operated system.

With the large pressures required in bomb calorimetry, our bomb calorimeters are designed to endure and sustain large pressure increases inside the calorimeter combustion chamber up to 65 bar. Typically a bomb vessel would be pressurized to approx. 30 bar with industrial oxygen. Most of our systems are supplied with a semi-automatic oxygen filling station designed to fill the bayonet bomb vessel to the required pressure before analysis. The filling station is also designed and manufactured in-house to guarantee your system works together seamlessly and that parts are readily available for repair and maintenance due to wear and tear.

DDS Calorimeters are manufactured with various applications in mind, and each calorimeters caters to more than one application, depending on the determination time and amount of results you would require within a day. To find the best solution for your analytical needs, consult our team and we will assist in choosing the right system and pricing for your application and budget. The DDS Calorimeters range caters to every budget, and is highly expandable with our latest system options.


Our most affordable entry-level system is specifically manufactured for university applications. If you require fast, robust, and accurate results, but need to analyse less than 8 samples per hour, this is the calorimeter for you. The CAL3K-U is ideal for thermodynamics teaching, analysing the combustion energy of non-gaseous substances, safety applications, and for research and quality control. The system includes the manual filling station, bayonet bomb vessel and air cooler with the calorimeter.


The CAL3K-A is one of our faster calorimeter systems and is ideal for high sample throughput with more than 10 samples per hour. It uses a combination of the Isothermal and Adiabatic calorimetry methods and is still waterless. The minimum determination time is as little as 4.5 minutes per sample. The CAL3K-A makes use of the external oxygen filling station, bayonet bomb vessel and air cooler with the calorimeter. The CAL3K-A is the brother of the CAL3K-AP system, the major difference being the manual oxygen filling.


Our top of the range product is our fastest calorimeter in the CAL3K range. The CAL3K-AP has a sample repeat speed of 4-6 minutes per sample and can handle more than 10 samples per hour for faster throughput. The CAL3K-AP is suited for a clean and well maintained laboratory with a requirement for very fast and accurate results. It uses a combination of the Isothermal and Adiabatic calorimetry methods, while still being waterless. There is no need for the external oxygen filling station as the vessel is automatically filled within the calorimeter. The CAL3K-AP system comes complete with the calorimeter and one air cooler.


The CAL3K-F is a flexible system for low (2 samples per hour) to high throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability. Start off with the entry-level system containing the calorimeter, bayonet bomb vessel and oxygen filling station, and grow your system as your budget grow to an advanced system containing 2 air coolers and 3 bayonet bomb vessels. The advanced system can complete up to 10 samples per hour, ultimately making it the extremely competitive. The CAL3K-F makes use of the external oxygen filling station, and remains a waterless system like all systems in the range. The sample repeat speed ranges between 5-7 minutes per sample.


The bomb calorimeter consists of a cup (crucible) to hold the sample, the deflector plate, oxygen, a stainless steel vessel with an aluminium sleeve, and the electronic controller card. The ignition system is connected to the outside of the bomb for igniting the sample quickly and without operator input.

The process is started by weighing the sample on a balance, the automatically recording this weight on the calorimeter. From there the sample is placed inside the bayonet bomb vessel, which is then filled with oxygen to approx. 30 bar. The pressurized vessel is then placed into the calorimeter and the lid is closed. From here the calorimeter automatically does the rest of the analysis for you by running through the initial, firing and final phases before displaying the final calorific value of the sample. After this process is complete, the lid will open automatically to allow you to remove the vessel and place it in the cooler for cooling. Once the vessel is cooled it is ready for the next determination to start.

The calorimeter has a micro-processor built into the base of the bomb vessel for the automatic measurement of the bomb temperature. This ensures that no energy is lost or gained during the analysis, increasing the repeatable accuracy of the bomb vessel.

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New and Improved Advanced Features

Simplify your sample analysis workflow with new features introduced in the CAL3K range of oxygen bomb calorimeter systems. The CAL3K range contains the sum of our experience in the last 30 years. We have loaded it with features which are monewhat overwhelming, but you don't need to use them. But, they are included in case you need them at a later stage. All features should help you make calorimetry easy and integrate the instrument seamlessly into your laboratory. Explore the new features that the CAL3K has to offer and more, including upgraded and new features like : USB port communication, keyboard functionality,command explanations, subject help, bluetooth communication, calorimeter field testing, vessel testing, event logging, improved result storage, new operating modes, LIMS support, improved maintenance, calorimeter identification, vessel identification, improved temperature ranges, factory testing, hardware calibration, ambient temperature logging, improved initial firing conditions, auto-incrementing SID, setting firing voltage, moisture compensation, food/feed analysis, determination of powdery substances, transparency, vessel restrictions, printer output and serviceability.

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The bayonet vessel has a stainless steel body with a reduced mass and pressed on aluminium sleeve which acts as a heat sink and temperature equalizer. This aluminium sleeve performs the task of the traditional water and stirrer.

The external filling station (used with the manual bayonet vessel for the CAL3K-A and CAL3K-U ) is used to fill the bayonet vessel with oxygen before it is placed inside the calorimeter. The sample determination is then performed and the vessel is manually defilled using the defiller cap (included in the kit) before being placed in the air cooler.

A Greener Future

The CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter's small carbon footprint takes a step towards a greener future with lower power consumption. The calorimeter and cooler can run on 7AH battery (Amps per hour) for about 8 hours if no other power is available.

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The CAL3K range of calorimeter systems consists of the CAL3K-AP Calorimeter, CALK3-A Calorimeter, CAL3K-U Calorimeter, the advanced Air Cooler , and two bayonet (automatic and manual) oxygen pressure vessels . Each system also includes installation kits for the calorimeter, cooler, and vessels.

Consumables used with the CAL3K calorimeter systems include : Certified Benzoic Acid Tablets (0.5g and 1.0g tablets available), Gelatine Capsules (used for liquid and powder samples), crucibles (to hold the sample during a determination), Firing Wire (to deliver the current from the electrodes to the sample in the crucible), a deflector plate, center and outer electrodes (used in oxygen bomb vessel ), o-rings (used in vessel), Firing Cotton (to ignite the sample), the power supply to the calorimeter, all necessary cables requires, the keyboard (used to enter commands on the CAL3K) and crucible cover discs (used to prevent the sample from splattering on the vessel walls).

The external air cooling system replaces the traditional water cooler, using less resources like water and electricity. The air cooler works best when the vessel is above ambient (room) temperature.

About the CAL3K

The CAL3K is a next generation oxygen bomb calorimeter brought to you by Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. The engineers at DDS have taken everything you love about the CAL2K Calorimeters and improved it to bring you high quality analytical scientific laboratory equipment. With 40 years of design and development experience, the team developed the improved technology with higher speed and more accuracy.

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CAL3K Features

The improved calorimeter system requires no water - that means no more leaks, spillage or measuring as the calorimeter has no water bucket. The new Isobatic calorimetry method combines the benefits of the Isothermal and Adiabatic methods to produce extremely accurate results at the highest speed possible. The Bayonet Oxygen Bomb Vessel is automatically filled and de-filled inside the calorimeter (only in the CAL3K-AP calorimeter). There is no need for an additional filling station as everything is done automatically inside the calorimeter. The CAL3K features full LIMS support for the assignment, scheduling and tracking of analytical samples and the associated analytical workload, as well as the storage of data associated with sample analysis.

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The Air Cooler replaces the traditional (but very fast and expensive) water cooler used with the CAL2K range of calorimeters. It uses less resources, including water and electricity, to operate. The air cooler works best when the vessel is above the ambient temperature. The air cooler estimates the cooling time and can be set up via a USB interface, or from the CAL3K.


The filling station is used for EXTERNAL oxygen filling for all units except the CAL3K-AP. It indicates the bottle pressure and when the vessel is engaged it indicates the pressure inside the vessel. A suitable flow restriction and filter is incorporated. Prior to installation please make sure you have a suitable oxygen high pressure regulator. The regulator should be a high pressure regulator, capable of filling a vessel to a pressure of 3000Kpa (30bar).


Consumables for the CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A and CAL3K-U Calorimeter Systems and Bayonet Vessels. Please contact your nearest agent to place your order.