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Calibration Management

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-F

The CAL3K Vessel has 7 chassis/mode fields and each field can hold up to 10 calibrations. If more calibrations are performed then the oldest is overridden and replaced with the latest. These 10 fields are used with the AVERAGING of calibrations.

The amount of calibrations used for averaging is contained in: CALIBRATION AVERAGE

This item is only accessible from the PC. The default is 0. This means the averaging is switched off.

The calibration history becomes useless when one of the following items is changed:

Initial firing conditions: Time, Time after drift, Drift limits
Firing voltage
Start record
Recording interval
Main Time
BA value
ATC Offsets
Mode Automatically recognized: CLEARS CAL. HIST.

Once a change is affected the history is no longer valid and needs to be cleared. This is done with the:


This clears ALL 10 calibration history entries and forces a calibration cycle next.

Sometimes a calibration is performed but later it is recognized that it was a bad calibration. Then you need to do the ‘average calibrations’ to lose the bad one. This can only done with CLEARING the calibrations or with:

CALIBRATE =0 (Instead of YES)

This command does a history clear AND sets the calibration ON.

Samples can be determined with less calibration than the ‘Calibration Average’. The CAL3K adjust automatically to the available calibrations in the history. But it will remind the operator that there are fewer calibrations then needed.


Where N is the amount of calibration missing from the history!


The calibration of the CAL3K is a process in which a substance (Benzoic Acid, BA) of known calorific value is burned so that future burning of unknown substances can be compared to it. In other words the calibration records all the system variables such as temperature rise and heat loss in memory. All this data is called a calibration field. The calibrations are stored in the vessel.

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To perform a standard calibration using Benzoic Acid Tablets you will need : A working oxygen bomb calorimeter system connected to a power source, A CAL3K Manual Oxygen Filing Station connected to an oxygen supply (not needed when using the CAL3K-AP Calorimeter)...

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The CAL3K system uses two calibrations: Keyboard calibration, in real time, one sample, average with last ‘n’ calibrations, PC calibration, in retrospect, multiple samples. The PC calibration is called ‘IntelCal’ because of its complexity and system effectiveness.

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