Connect a PC to the CAL3K

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-U, CAL3K-F

The CAL3K has three ports to connect a PC or laptop to. These ports are:

  1. USB. Distance approx. 2 meters. Ideally suitable for laptops. A USB cable is supplied in the 3K-1-KT (USBCABAB).
  2. RS232 DATA D1 Port. Distance approx. 20-50 meters. Speed: 1.2 - 115.2Kb.
  3. RS232 DATA D2 Port. BLUETOOTH. Speed 115.2Kb.

The two RS232 ports are functional the same, just the name changes. This means you can connect a BLUETOOTH device to either RS232 port. Connecting a BLUETOOTH or other wireless device to the USB port is not recommended.

All three ports have the same functionality. That is to say that the supplied CAL3K software can operate on any of these ports

In addition to the 3 possible connections, one can use BLUETOOTH modules to achieve wire-less connectivity.


For hardware details and options consult the manufacturer.

The D1 port is reserved for printing and for LIMS operations. This dedicates the port to a ‘One way data transport’ to a PC. While in this mode the CAL3K setup software can’t be operated on this port.

The other of the RS232 ports is normally used for BLUETOOTH.

The USB port is normally reserved for setting up and managing the CAL3K once a month or whenever necessary.

We suggest using the USB port for:

The PC software has a ‘PASSWORD’ security built in. Once activated certain PC operations are password controlled. The PC password resides in the CAL3K. This insures that no matter which PC is connected to the CAL3K, the password security is enforced.

The Keyboard password can be set and activated by the PC. The operator cannot change it.


The CAL3K has a powerful event log. Every time something changes the Date/Time and value is logged into a circular buffer of approx. 6000 events. These events can be interpreted on a PC. See: PC EVENTS (Coming Soon) or from the keyboard with the STATISTICAL PRINTOUT.

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The PC software includes a method by which a parameter or a calibration can be changed via a ‘File’. This File is a small internet friendly text file and it can be executed by the CAL3K software. To use this facility (and try it out) locate the small icon on the far left item bar and open it.

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All CAL3K units have the same connectivity as the other family members. The family members are : CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-U, CAL3K-F. his overwhelming area of ports is required to connect to the real world. The USB port has unrestricted access (with password!) to the CAL3K and it can restrict the other RS232 ports functionality.

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