ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System

The ECO Bomb Calorimeter is the most affordable of the DDS Scientific product range.

The ECO Bomb Calorimeter is the most affordable of the DDS Scientific product range. The ECO is the most compact and cost-effective of all the models on offer. The ECO can handle 1 determination in an hour. It has been designed with the academic user in mind. It is ideal for low volume sample requirements typically found in Educational Institutions. The ECO Bomb calorimeter System is packaged complete with : Calorimeter, Filling Station, and Two Vessels.

ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters
ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters
ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters
ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters
ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter | DDS Calorimeters
Feature Description
Low Volume Application Low Volume Application : 1 Sample per hour with 1 vessel
No Water Required No water required during sample determination
Cost-Effective The CAL2K ECO calorimeter is inexpensive
No Operator Attention Required No operator attention required during analysis
LCD Prompts LCD display to prompt faults and progress
Intelligent Vessel Uses the intelligent CAL2K Vessel
Compact Small and compact design
PC Keyboard Uses a standard PC Keyboard
Uses Windows Operating Software Results retrieval connected to PC, using Windows based Operating Software
+1000 Results Stores 1024 results and other variables
Self-Incrementing Sample ID Sample Identification is settable and self-incrementing
Vessel Temp. for Spreadsheet Analysis Vessel temperature can "stream" to a PC for user spreadsheet analysis
Factory Setup for Standard Operation Factory setup for standard operation with optional value changes
Optional Spiking Can use spiking for hard to combust samples
Mass Entry Through Balance Connects directly to balance for mass entry
Built-In Diagnostic Built-in diagnostic, ideal for first hand diagnostic
Works in BTU/lb, Calories/grams or MJ/Kg
5000 determination cycles before vessel inspection
External power supply for 9V, 100mA is supplied
Technical Specification Description
Connectivity RS232
Mass HEAP No
Balance Interface Yes
Result Memory 1000 records
Temperature Resolution 0.000'01C
Display 2 x 16 LCD
Keyboard PC Type PS2
Sample ID 5 characters
Group ID No
Vessel Record No
Real Time Yes
Chassis Identification No
Calibration Single
History Calibration No
Units KJ, BTU. CAL
Result Compensation No
Result Validation No
Vessel Pressure Monitor No
Oxygen Filling External Manual Filling Station
De-Filling Manual
Max Chassis Recording -
Chassis Name No
Password Protection No
Network Multiple Calorimeters No
Vessel Leak Monitor No
Event Storage No
Event Types -
Event Classification -
Vessel Interchange No
Vessel Lockout, Lock-in No
Sample Repeat Speed 40 min
Operator Time Per Test 5 min
Cooling Air
Cooling Modes -
RSD 0.1
Power Consumption 0-264 VAC 50/60Hz 1W
Power Supply External 9V
Water Consumption Waterless
Repeatability 0.1%
Calorimeter Type Static Jacket
Number of Vessels Limited (up to 4)
Closure Type Screw Cap
Test per hour with 2 vessels 1
Bomb Vessel Type Removable
Oxygen Filling Semi-Automatic
Bomb Vessel Washing Manual
Printer Connection RS232
Balance Connection RS232
Environmental 10-40C
Printing of Results Via PC Software
PC Software Limited
Correction Factors 1
Mass Entry Auto & Manual
CE/TUV Certificate Yes
Vessel Determinations 5000
Spiking Yes
Self Testing No

The complete CAL2K system consists of : The ECO Calorimeter, ECO-KT Calorimeter Installation Kit, CAL2K-3 Filling Station, CAL2K-3-KT Filling Station Kit, CAL2K-4 Vessel and CAL2K-4-KT Vessel Installation Kit.

  • CAL2K Interconnection Cable (required only when networking units)
  • Regulator - High Pressure Oxygen Regulator (required and MUST be supplied before installation)
  • Balance (recommended Sartorius Balance CP64 equivalent)
  • Water Tap Connection
  • PC with Windows 98/2000/NT4.0 installed (required only if running software - a PC is not required to operate the unit)

The complete CAL2K ECO Calorimeter system consists of : The ECO Calorimeter, ECO-KT Calorimeter Installation Kit, CAL2K-3 Filling Station, CAL2K-3-KT Filling Station Kit, CAL2K-4 Vessel and CAL2K-4-KT Vessel Installation Kit.

ECO Calorimeter

A small, desktop apparatus, in a warm buttercup yellow. It performs the temperature analysis of a sample. The operator, balance, vessel and PC interface together. It is insulated against ambient temperature changes via an "air barrier" and polystyrene. The ambient temperature is measured. It "fires" the sample by heating the firing wire inside the vessel.

The ECO has been designed for the low volume market and is most suitable for customers running less than 8 CV samples per day.

CAL2K ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System | DDS Calorimeters

The Vessel

The CAL2K-4 Vessel is the first of its kind and is the heart of the CAL2K System.

Its sophisticated design allows the temperature to be measured to five decimal places in degrees Celsius. The vessel is an intelligent (SMART) vessel with a microprocessor built into its base. The vessel is capable of : firing counts, identification, memory and reconditioning data.

The vessel is the combustion chamber. It is made of stainless steel and tested up to a pressure of 300 atmospheres (4200psi).

CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Vessel | DDS Calorimeters

The Filling Station

The Filling Station is designed to fill the vessel with oxygen to 3Mpa.

The filling rate is controlled so as not to disrupt the sample in the crucible. The Filling Station is extremely easy to operate and requires minimal adjustments and maintenance.

CAL2K ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System - Manual Filling Station | DDS Calorimeters
Animal Feed Research

Food calories are measured in KJ/g, the same as combustible calories. However, the process is different, although the outcome is the same : KJ/g or heat, or calories. Animal feed stock relies on the animal digestion (conversion). A calorimeter burns the lot and measures the released heat. Then a calorimeter can't be used to measure feed stock?

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Coal & Coke Analysis

The coal industry is the traditional application of calorimeters because coal has a variety of properties, apart from being black. If the coal is used for steam generation then the calorific value is of paramount importance. The calorific value, short CV, is a measure of how much heat can be extracted from it.

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Explosives Analysis

Only explosives which can be ignited by heat from the calorimeter's firing circuit can be tested in the oxygen calorimeter. Then very minute/small quantities are used for analysis. The calorific value of an explosive is not very high, but the burning speed is.

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Fuel Analysis

As a general rule, volatile fuels are measured very seldom because they are very consistent. However, if the fuel absorbs water, then frequent analysis is called for. Volatile fuel such as alcohol must be prevented from evaporating during the handling process that is from weighing to ignition of the sample.

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Food & Nutrition Analysis

Here is an example of food calories from As the article says : "The method of using a combustion calorimeter to measure food calories is not frequently used today. However, after some considerations it can, and is, used today for checking the production quality of food." Let's look at the details.

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Oil Analysis

Oils are a non-volatile substance. In general they are not measured frequently because they are very consistent and uniform. Other oil properties are more important than the calorific value, such as taste or viscosity. If an oil is measured in an oxygen calorimeter, then the procedure would be the same as a solid substance.

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Simple, we at Digital Data Systems (DDS) have been making calorimeters for the last 40 years. We have a wealth of technical knowledge and calorimeter experience second to none. We are continuously improving our systems with the latest technology as it becomes available, allowing the students to work on a cost effective, easy to use...

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Waste Product Analysis

Heating energy is being dumped on our municipal landfill sites. Our landfill sites are being clogged by plastic waste, which battle to bio-degrade over time. Alternative options for managing plastic waste has been identified as mechanical recycling, cement kilns, power station and energy recovery by incineration. Having plastic on landfill sties should be the last option.

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Our intermediate system is the E2K Calorimeter System, with a screw cap removable vessel, semi-automatic oxygen filling and can handle 6 samples per hour using 2 bomb vessels. This option allows more samples per hour and allows the operator to print results directly to a printer.

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The CAL2K is the top of the range when it comes to CAL2K Calorimeters. This system allows up to 10 samples per hour using 2 vessels, and stores up to 2000 results in it's memory. The operating time per test is approximately 2 minutes, making it fast and accurate.

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The oxygen bomb vessel is smaller than the conventional vessels, which results in a smaller heat capacity. Special attention has been given to a thermally balanced vessel desgin which has been achieved using computer aided design (CAD) and computer simulation of heat transfer characteristics.

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