Get 50% Off the CAL3K-U University Edition Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter + Free Coupons

Get 50% Off the CAL3K-U University Edition Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter + Free Coupons

Our calorimeters keep running. Even when it's dry!


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The CAL3K-U is the third in the range of innovative oxygen bomb calorimeter systems from DDS Calorimeters. The new range, from the engineers who designed the CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter range, features higher speeds and improved accuracy with a small carbon footprint - it uses less resources than other calorimeters (requires no water, and lower power consumption). The external filling station remove the pressure component from the calorimeter and has resulted in a more robust combustion calorimeter with a life expectancy of more than 10 years.

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The complete CAL3K-U University Edition kit includes :

  • CAL3K-U Calorimeter
  • CAL3K-U Calorimeter Installation Kit
  • CAL3K Air Cooler
  • Air Cooler Installation Kit
  • 1 x CAL3K Bayonet Vessel
  • 1 x Bayonet Vessel Installation Kit
  • CAL3K Filling Station
  • Filling Station Installation Kit


The CAL3K-U is the University Edition to the CAL3K range, mainly suited for universities and educational institutions. It is ideally suited for an educational environment which requires robust, intuitive, fast, and accurate results. The CAL3K-U can be used in the following educational areas (but not limited to) :

  • Thermodynamics Teaching
  • Combustion Energy of Non-Gaseous Substances
  • Safety
  • Research
  • Quality Control


Some of the features included in the complete CAL3K-U Calorimeter System include :

  • No Water Required
  • 8 Determinations Per Hour
  • No Air Conditioner Required
  • 10 Calibration Average
  • Very Accurate
  • Multiple Communication Channels
  • User Friendly and Intuitive
  • Low Power Consumption - 14 Watts


Why choose a waterless calorimeter?

Water is a very poor heat conductor. It is approximately 350 times worse than aluminium. The stirrer is increasing the conductivity to the temperature sensor, but it adds energy to the bucket. The CAL3K-U is waterless - the bucket and stirrer have been removed and replaced with insulating polystyrene and an oxygen bomb vessel with built-in linear temperature sensors.

The water quantity in the bucket must be measured precisely to get accurate results, where the CAL3K-U is waterless, requires no measuring and prevents to risk of spillage.

The cooler uses air to cool the vessel - no water cooler is required, and less power is required to run the calorimeter and cooler.

The cost of the water apparatus is much higher compared to the bayonet bomb vessel (no bucket, no stirrer, and no water required)

CAL3K-U Complete Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System
No Water Required

No water bucket. No mearing. No spillage.

Communication Channels

Multiple communication channels. 1 Wired (USB) and 2 optional wireless channels.

7 Calibration Fields

For different modes and different calorimeters.

User Friendly

User Friendly Operation

10 Calibration Average

For variable amount of calibration average to suit your application.

Low Power Consumption

Very low power consumption. No temperature controlling required.

High Speed Determinations

Choose between faster or more accurate determinations.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly - small carbon footprint. No water, low power consumption.

Very Accurate

Extremely Accurate (%RSD - 0.05%) determination eliminates multiple sample repeats.

Temperature Range

Extensive Temperature Range from 0°C to 70°C.


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