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Heat Capacity | CAL3K Features

The Heat capacity of the vessel is approx. 0.001C/J or 1KJ/C. In practical terms is means that 0.5g Benzoic Acid results in approx. 13.2°C temperature rise.

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A , CAL3K-F


This is a conventional term, but related to the heat capacity. The Bomb factor is approx. 1 KJ/C. In practice this means that 0.5g Benzoic Acid results in ~13.2°C rise. Then the calorific value CV=13.2C / 0.5g x 1KJ/C = 25.4KJ/g.

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The Heat capacity is a measurement which describes the amount of energy (heat) needed to raise the vessel temperature by 1 degree. The exact heat capacity is calculated by the CAL3K every 6 seconds after the Start record (parameter) during a calibration and then saved to the vessel as a ‘Bomb Factor’.

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Calorimeters require a high temperature resolution because the result has a high resolution. Despite the inaccuracies in the sample preparation a calorific value (CV) is expressed with 3 or 4 decimal digits.

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