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High Speed Determinations | CAL3K Features

High Speed Determinations

Another useful feature of the CAL3K Calorimeters

The high speed operation is the result of a couple of innovations:

  • The stainless steel mass is less in relation to the heat sink (aluminium sleeve). A 25% reduction was achieved.
  • New Firing Conditions. The wait time before firing is reduced by a "predictive" initial vessel temperature algorithm which allows the early firing of the sample.
  • The results can be predicted in the fast mode due to the increased stability of the vessel temperature sensing. The new vessel has a 5ppm stability, which is about 100 times better than the older vessel.
  • The close tolerance of the ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) jacket temperature. The jacket temperature is regulated to within 0.1°C to match the target setting, thus making the temperature losses (or gains) very precise. This aids the determination speed because the vessel temperature is predictable.

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A

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