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Linking Vessel

The following information applies to the : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F.

Another word for LINKING is ASSOCIATION!

Once a vessel is inserted the CAL3K checks if the vessel was calibrated in this chassis with the present operating mode. If the conditions (Chassis, Mode) match then it proceeds. If it doesn’t match then the ‘AUTO LINK’ system definition determines what happens:

  • AUTO LINK ticked: It downloads the default IntelCal and links the vessel
  • AUTO LINK off: It complains! The vessel is REJECTED in this chassis!

The ‘LINK’ process is only valuable if multiple CAL3K (chassis) are used in the same room and some vessels are not allowed to operate in one or the other chassis. This is achieved by REJECTING a vessel unless it is linked.

If the ‘AUTO LINK’ is on then inserting a vessel links it automatically, and a new calibration is demanded. If the ‘AUTO LINK’ is off, then the vessel is rejected. If the vessel is rejected then it can be ‘linked’ from the keyboard by:

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - L Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - I Key | DDS Calorimeters LINK VESSEL - CHAS
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters = NO
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters = YES

An appropriate message is displayed: M554 VESSEL LINKED TO CHASSIS! CALIBRATE

The linking means that a calibration space is reserved in the vessel and if no space is available then the oldest calibration is cleared. Then the defaults are downloaded. A ‘linking’ must be followed by a calibration. If the vessel was linked already then this command does nothing.

If it is desirable to ‘UNLINK’ a vessel from a chassis then:

CAL3K Keyboard Commands - U Key | DDS CalorimetersCAL3K Keyboard Commands - N Key | DDS Calorimeters UNLINK VESSEL
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters = NO
CAL3K Keyboard Commands - Enter Key | DDS Calorimeters = YES

An appropriate message is displayed: M556 VESSEL NOT LINKED TO THIS CHASSIS!

The UNLINKING process frees the calibration space in the vessel. This command does nothing if the vessel was unlinked already.

If the "AUTO LINK" is on then the "UN-LINK" keyboard command results in an "AUTO LINK" and a new calibration.


The CAL3K system uses two calibrations: Keyboard Calibration (in real time, one sample, average last n calibrations), and PC Calibration (in restrospect, multiple samples). The PC calibration is called ‘IntelCal’ because of its complexity and system effectiveness.

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Each vessel needs to be calibrated. Although the vessels are CNC machined and very similar they are not exactly the same in electrical and thermal behaviour. Therefore each vessel must be calibrated in the CAL3K it is used in. The Vessel stores the calibration details; it has seven places to do it in.

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The calibration of the CAL3K is a process in which a substance (Benzoic Acid, BA) of known calorific value is burned so that future burning of unknown substances can be compared to it. In other words the calibration records all the system variables such as temperature rise and heat loss in memory. All this data is called a calibration field. The calibrations are stored in the vessel.

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