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Solving/Preventing a Miss Fire with the CAL2K Isothermal Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Solving/Preventing a Miss Fire with the CAL2K Isothermal Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter. The process in this video explains how to troubleshoot a miss fire and what tests to perform to prevent a miss fire from happening. This includes tests like :

  • Testing the calorimeter lid connection to see if it is connecting with the calorimeter base
  • Testing the lid assembly to see if the current is flowing through the center electrode, firing wire, and outer electrode to the top of the lid assembly.

For testing purposes we used an oxygen bomb vessel with the CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter. The bomb vessel was inserted (without filling it with oxygen). The result was an "OPEN" message displayed on the LCD screen when the lid is closed. Testing the lid contact and lid assembly with a normal wire concluded that the calorimeter was NOT faulty, but that the vessel was not pressurized. The bomb vessel was then filled with oxygen using the CAL2K Filling Station and placed inside the calorimeter again. This resulted in no errors.

Another typical reason for a miss fire could be that the top of the lid assembly and/or the inside of the cap are covered with dirt or residue. It is important that these surfaces are clean to make full contact for the electricity to flow through.

The following tools were used to perform this test :

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