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Standalone System | CAL3K Features

The CAL3K was designed to work as a standalone system. That means it does not need a computer to operate. This is achieved by loading the "DEFAULT" settings (which we do before shipping). The default settings are what we think average settings, and are good for all kinds of determinations.

The Sample Identification (SID) is self-incrementing and requires one entry otherwise it starts with :


Enter the mass and insert the prepared vessel and that's it! You are running!

The most used keyboard commands are available without a password. The more complex commands, which are seldom used and will change the system behaviour, are password protected (DDS3K).

All systems have a different amount of commands. To find out which are active in your system, press :

UP (button)
DOWN (button)

You can see the complete command contingent by entering the password :

  • PASS [enter] DDS3K [enter]

Then press UP/DOWN and you will see all the commands. Some of them are difficult to understand and utterly confusing. Press F10 and you will get some (I hope) explanation as to what this is about. If it doesn't make any sense then consult the "Online Help" section for some insight!

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A ,CAL3K-F


Not everyone is the same and not all laboratories operate on the same guidelines. We have tried to make the CAL3K as flexible as possible and in return introduced complexity. The unit is shipped with the "DDS3K" key password installed and activated. The password is automatically activated after timeout.

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The keyboard command functions are restricted via a password. The most used parameters (functions) are accessible without restrictions. As an example: The Setting of Benzoic Acid (BA) calibration standard is password restricted. The default password is ‘DDS3K’. Your own password can be set via the PC software.

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The BA (Benzoic Acid) standard is normally 26.454 MJ/Kg. Sometimes it is required to change the setting to the supplied certification standard. This can be done as follows: From a PC connected to any of the ports, or From the Keyboard (Password required)

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