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The CAL3K box (the calorimeter) is always required as a minimum system. The following system options depend very much on your workload and the way samples are performed. Items like constant or burst workload influence the system options (and cost) largely. All system components can be purchased upfront or later as your operation changes. We offer initial system configurations which are economical for shipping.

The following options exist :

CAL3K Always Required
Bomb Vessels 1 - 3 plus a spare, depending on system throughput and coolers
Air Cooler 1 or 2 (or none if throughput is low)
Manual Oxygen Filling Station 1 (seldom 2)
Printer One
Bluetooth Bridge pair, one per calorimeter (can operate with two if needed). Needed for LIMS or remote operation.
Balance Cable 1, included in installation kit (Specify balance connector (D9 or D25))
Installation Kit 1 (always included in initial purchase)
Tools Included in installation kit
Crucibles Some included in installation kit, additional crucibles can be ordered separately
Benzoic Acid Some included in installation kit, additional Benzoic Acid can be ordered separately

For system throughput and timing see :

  • Multiple Vessels
  • Multiple Coolers

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A, CAL3K-F


This overwhelming area of ports is required to connect to the real world. The USB port has unrestricted access (with password!) to the CAL3K and it can restrict the other RS232 ports functionality. The two RS232 ports are functionally the same. Both can be used with the PC software if your PC has a RS232 port. Most PCs don't have RS232 ports and for this reason both ports can connect to a BLUETOOTH bridge which requires a USB (virtual) port on the PC.

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Most computers today have one outstanding feature; they can be upgraded to our needs. We can add more RAM and memory to improve performance and storage. Until now, this did not apply to calorimeters. Purchasing a calorimeter is always a difficult choice. On one side you have a budget constraint and on the other side you have expanding laboratory requirements. So why choose a CAL3K-F Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System?

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To perform a standard calibration using Benzoic Acid Tablets you will need : A working oxygen bomb calorimeter system connected to a power source, A CAL3K Manual Oxygen Filing Station connected to an oxygen supply (not needed when using the CAL3K-AP Calorimeter), The CAL3K Air Cooler connected to a power source.

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