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How the CAL3K Calorimeter can be used in universities

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Simple, we at Digital Data Systems (DDS) have been making calorimeters for the last 40 years. We have a wealth of technical knowledge and calorimeter experience second to none. We are continuously improving our systems with the latest technology as it becomes available, allowing the students to work on a cost effective, easy to use, easy to maintain, commercially applicable instrument that is going to be in the market for another 40 years. Universities believe in investing in the future and we at DDS believe in investing in universities for the future.

The objective of using an oxygen bomb calorimeter in a university is to teach students about :

  • Thermodynamics
  • Calorific Value Measuring
  • Combustible Energy
  • Heat of Combustion
  • Calorimetric Constant

The CAL3K Calorimeter range of products is well suited for university and higher learning institutions. The CAL3K calorimeter has multiple operating modes, so it can be Isothermal or Adiabatic or Dynamic type of oxygen calorimeter. An ability to change between modes in one calorimeter enables the students to assess the different Calorimetry standards and how they possibly influence the result.

The CAL3K Calorimeter is extremely safe to operate, giving the students piece of mind, allowing them to concentrate on their experiments. The bomb vessel has a bayonet locking mechanism which extends the life of the bomb vessel compared to the CAL2K Bomb Vessel, reducing maintenance/running costs. The bomb vessel is also smaller and lighter in weight, facilitating less operator fatigue for ladies and with the bayonet lid design, easier to open and close.

The new waterless air cooler for the CAL3K Calorimeter is another reason why these calorimeters are suited for university laboratories. No water is required at all in the operation of the CAL3K system. No water means no leaks and no extra plumbing, making it easier to install and move around if required. Don’t be fooled, the cooling speed of the waterless air cooler is under 6 minutes, as quick, if not quicker, than the water cooler of the CAL2K Calorimeter System.

Regardless if the oxygen calorimeter is in Isothermal or in Adiabatic mode, the ambient temperature and bomb vessel firing temperature are managed by the Ambient Temperature Controller (ATC) unit, providing thermal insulation to the bomb. The true magic of the ATC is in it’s design. The ATC is made of lightweight material, allowing the ATC to rapidly respond to the rising bomb temperature when it is fired.

For university laboratories that require two or three quick results in a row, the CAL3K oxygen calorimeter is your answer. It is the only oxygen bomb calorimeter of its kind that does not need the bomb vessels to be at room (ambient) temperature. The calorimeter is able to fire a bomb vessel two or three times (depending on the ambient temperature) in a row without cooling the bomb vessel in between. This basically means, with a single bomb vessel you are able to fire three samples in under 14 minutes. Great for a lecture.

A CAL3K calorimeter is a sensible and very accurate (0.00001C) temperature measuring device, ideally suited for universities and their students. For this reason most of DDS oxygen calorimeters have a non-destructive data output for post analysis calculations and spread sheet analysis. The bayonet bomb vessel and ambient data are available every 6 seconds together with calibration data and other relevant information. The data provided by the CAL3K calorimeter is intended for the student to solve their experiment and to perform their own calculations.

Known University Applications

Calorimeters are primarily used in the following university departments:

  • Animal Science
  • Poultry Science
  • Dairy Science
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Biology Faculty
  • Zoology Faculty
  • Chemistry Faculty
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Food Chemistry
  • Laboratory for Food Safety and Quality Control
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Food Nutrition and Digestion Research
  • School of Environmental Engineering

The CAL3K oxygen bomb calorimeter can also be used for the following applications:


Combustion heat release, Heat transfer, Measuring heat, Heat loss, Temperature equilibrium, Heat conduction


  • Renewable energy resources, Traditional energy sources
  • Ethanol, Waste, Plastics, Animal feed and products


  • Combustion energy of our surroundings: Wall Paint, Car seats, Ceilings, Clothing
  • Composite material research


  • Improving animal husbandry, more energy for the buck, Alternative energy, Oils
  • Energy absorption or conversion


Food: An alternative method of assuring consistency of consumed substances


The CAL3K lends itself to being used for university experiments because of the machine’s ability to change operating modes. There are equal amounts of experiments out on the Internet that require either Isothermal or Adiabatic type oxygen bomb calorimeters. Instead of purchasing one isothermal bomb calorimeter and one adiabatic calorimeter, one CAL3K will do the job of both. The CAL3K is Isothermal, The CAL3K is Adiabatic.