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Step-By-Step Help | CAL3K Features

All units are equipped with a HELP (F10) feature. It explains in plain text :

  • What the problem is
  • What are the consequences
  • How to get around it

This help applies to :

  • Keyboard Commands
  • Operational Steps
  • Faults/Errors
  • Wrong Setup, Wrong Parameters
  • User Test

This feature applies to the following CAL3K Systems : CAL3K-AP , CAL3K-A ,CAL3K-F


The new CAL3K calorimeter system has been designed to make the operator's work easier. This starts with restricting the day to day operation to a few keystrokes and making use of the function keys.

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The CAL3K is a complicated ‘beast’. It has options for just about everything (except making coffee). This is overwhelming to say the least. So, what is really important to measure the first sample?

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The CAL3K has a help function built in. It is accessible with the F10 key. The help display is supposed to give in any situation or operation a running comment. That was the intention! Sometimes it does not work as well as intended because of display priorities.

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