CAL3K-A Calorimeter

CAL3K-A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System

The CAL3K-A is the companion to the CAL3K-AP, but with external oxygen filling. This instrument was designed for harsh production environments where the automatic filling is not desired. It is faster than the CAL3K-AP, but less automated
Like the CAL3K-AP, it uses a combination of the Isothermal and Adiabatic calorimetry methods, while still using the dry method, i.e. it is waterless. The minimum determination time is down to 4 minutes.
APPLICATION: It excels in a production environment where 12 samples/hour is a standard performance. It applies to all industries and laboratories where a sample can be ignited to determine the calorific energy. Like the CAL3K-AP it applies to food processing, feed stock composition, material and waste analysis, quality control, recycling and alternative energy harvesting.

MORE ACCURATE RESULTS IN MINUTES - The CAL3K-A is our fastest calorimeter systems and is ideal for high sample throughput with more than 12 samples per hour. It uses a combination of the Isothermal and Adiabatic calorimetry methods and is still waterless. The minimum determination time is as little as 4 minutes per sample. The CAL3K-A makes use of the external oxygen filling station, bayonet bomb vessel and air cooler with the calorimeter. The CAL3K-A is the brother of the CAL3K-AP system, the major difference being the manual oxygen filling. This instrument has all the features of the CAL3K-AP, but avoids the potential trouble of leaking oxygen valves and fittings, and the associated maintenance. It can be operated in the Dynamic (Isoperibol), Isothermal, Adiabatic and Experimental modes, but requires calibration in each mode. The vessel is filled with oxygen in an EXTERNAL filling station which has a flow restriction and oxygen filter.


CAL3-U Bomb Calorimeter


Our most affordable entry-level system is specifically manufactured for university applications.

CAL3-AP Bomb Calorimeter


Our top of the range product is our faster calorimeter in the CAL3K range.

CAL3-F Bomb Calorimeter


The CAL3K-F is a flexible system for low to high throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability.